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  • 16.99$

    MAT foldable tote Foldable tote, in very resistant nylon, from the MAT brand. Its large content capacity makes it an ideal product for your shopping sessions or even your trips to the beach. Practical, the two wide straps allow comfortable carrying of the bag on the shoulder. A pouch with […]

  • 7.99$

    Large MAT foldable bag Large foldable nylon bag, thin and resistant, from the MAT brand. A large capacity of content, ideal for your shopping sessions or even your trips to the beach. Practical, the continuity of the bag creating the straps allow comfortable transport of the bag on the shoulder. THE […]

  • 21.99$

    Foldable nylon backpack MAT brand foldable nylon backpack. Very light, durable and thin fabric. Ideal for travelers or simply for long walkers. Also practical for your shopping sessions and outings instead. Foldable, it fits into its small pocket […]

  • 12.99$14.99$

    MAT foldable shopping bag MAT brand lined nylon shopping bag. Very resistant nylon, small pressure clasp on the top, stores easily in its small carrying bag, two straps to carry it on the shoulder. Bag dimensions: Width: 14 inches Height: 16.5 inches Thickness: […]

  • - 53 % Off
    Original price was: 15.00$.Current price is: 6.99$.

    MAT aluminum card holder MAT brand aluminum card holder. Snap button on top, 6 card compartments (and more if double-sided), lightweight, ideal size for a small handbag. The product is RFID (radio frequency identification) protected, which protects your personal information on your credit cards. […]